Benefits and Dues


Security is the principal function of the Eastover Security Association (ESA).

Virtually all of the dues are allocated to the Security Patrol. In 2009, the ESA determined it was time to replace the security provider for Eastover. This led to the hiring of off-duty Jackson Police Department officers, who are organized and led by former Precinct 4 Commander Kenneth Goodrum. The Eastover Security Patrol is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reports are made each day that include any incidents within the neighborhood, and the reports are delivered to a designated ESA board member at the end of each week. There are now two ESA patrol cars in service, and while the patrol occasionally employs the use of both cars during a single shift, the normal practice is to alternate the vehicles, so that one car is not being run 24 hours per day. 

In addition to “house checks” requested by neighbors, the patrol stops suspicious vehicles and determines whether they are in the neighborhood with a legitimate purpose. Working with the beat cops, the patrol has arrested several individuals for theft and DUI. The employment of our patrol has been very successful. They carry a dedicated cell phone provided by the ESA and can be reached 24/7 at (601) 573-7799.

The ESA has also undertaken a multi-stage plan to install security cameras in the neighborhood. Yard signs and car decals are utilized to let the patrol know whether someone is a member, and also to let non-residents know that we have a security association and that you are a member.

The current dues for the Eastover Security Association are $195.00 per quarter or $780 per year. ESA members are encouraged to enroll in automatic draft because it reduces our administrative costs. However, we employ a company called Home-Land Neighborhood Management to handle all of our account services, and they will send monthly, quarterly or annual invoices depending on your preference.

Click here for the Eastover Security Association Bank Draft Form.

If you are not a member of the ESA, please consider joining today to help provide your neighborhood with the support we need to maintain our successful security patrol. Once you have joined, you will receive car decals as well as a yard sign. 

For more information, please contact me at: ESA, Attn: Dana F. Robertson, P.O. Box 12255, Jackson MS 39236.