From The Director

Dana F. Robertson, Executive Director

Dana F. RobertsonThe Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation (GENF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting, sustaining and improving the Eastover neighborhood. We love our neighborhood, and our mission is to support its continuing success through beautification, safety, communication and community outreach.

In addition to defining our entrances with antique brick columns and landscaping, closing a busy street and creating a quiet cul de sac with attractive landscaping, landscaping our key intersections, installing decorative street signage and implementing a uniform realtor signage, we continue our efforts to foster our sense of community through our annual events and our collaboration with the publisher of Eastover Living magazine. We also collaborated with the City of Jackson to establish the Eastover Conservation Overlay Neighborhood District, which serves to preserve the unique character of the Eastover neighborhood.

We believe that our continued efforts to define and improve our neighborhood play a fundamental role in the quality of life experienced by our community, and in maintaining the vitality and desirability of the Eastover area.