Eastover Information Center

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I report something Lost or Found?
For personal items, contact Dana at eastover.director@gmail.com. For lost or found pets, log-on to Nextdoor.com.

How do I call Eastover Security?
The Eastover Security Patrol can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 601-573-7799. Of course, always call 911 in an emergency. For more information on the Eastover Security Association (ESA), please see the dedicated tab on this site’s homepage.

How do I go about receiving Eastover emails and paper mail?
In order to get neighborhood security alerts and other news about events, please email eastover.director@gmail.com and provide your address and name information.

How do I get information on recycling or garbage pickup?
Garbage pick-up is on Mondays and Thursdays in Eastover. If you have questions about garbage pickup, large items to be removed, going Green, recycling, etc., please visit http://www.jacksonms.gov/government/publicworks/solidwaste. Please be mindful of spraying insecticides around storm drains and take care to keep all yard debris far from storm drains, as everything goes down them and then into the Pearl River and the water we drink. Eastover is on Recycling Route M2. A calendar for M2 can be seen here. If you need a bin for recycling pickup, please call Solid Waste, at 601-960-0000.

How do I report potholes?

To report potholes, please call the City Hotline at 601-960-1111.

How do I report a streetlight that is not working?
To replace streetlights, call 1-800-ENTERGY and be prepared to give a street address for the pole that is out.

Does the neighborhood have protective covenants? What is the Eastover Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District?
Eastover is no longer governed by the original neighborhood covenants. However, in 2011, the Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation (GENF) sought and obtained approval from the Jackson City Council for a Conservation Overlay District. The spirit behind the establishment of the ENCO district, is to preserve and maintain the distinct character of the Eastover neighborhood. The provisions of the ordinance mostly speak to lot size restrictions and architectural details. To view the ordinance, click here.

How do I purchase the neighborhood recommended yard-edge treatments?
The Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation (GENF) recommends a black coated round bollard with a ball finial. To purchase these, please contact Kimberly Mistal at Copper Sculptures Legendary Lighting at 601-992-9955 and be sure to mention that you are purchasing for Eastover.

Why do we have a security association (the ESA) and a foundation (the GENF)?
A 501(c)3 non-profit organization such as the GENF cannot pay for security costs under the terms delegated by the IRS. Likewise, the ESA dues alone cannot support the full costs of neighborhood improvements and the administrative costs of an executive director. Furthermore, any improvements made by the ESA would not be tax-deductible. For more information about these organizations and how they serve the Eastover neighborhood, please see the dedicated tab on this site’s homepage.