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Welcome to Eastover Neighborhood

The Eastover neighborhood is one of the most established and cherished neighborhoods in the Jackson, Mississippi, metro area.

The Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation (GENF) is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to improve and sustain the quality of life in our community through safety, beautification, communication and community outreach. Through our website, the GENF aspires to offer helpful information for keeping our neighborhood safe, beautiful and vibrant. 

As a resident, your membership and participation are not only appreciated, but are critical to our continued success. We invite you to join us in supporting this wonderful place we call home.

Dana F. Robertson,
Executive Director of the ESA & GENF

The Eastover community has two organizations to serve the needs of the neighborhood.

The Eastover Security Association (ESA) exists to meet our security needs by offering a 24 hour patrol, security cameras, and other efforts directly relating to security.

The Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation (GENF) exists to support improvements and community outreach within the Eastover Neighborhood and the surrounding community.

We love our neighborhood! We want to protect and preserve it's unique character, as well as support its continuing beautification and growth.

You can support the Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation here.


First and foremost, gates have the effect of slowing (and often reducing) traffic, making our neighborhood streets safer.
As an extension of that, gates have the potential to:

  • Enhance Security by deterring crime & improving vehicle camera images upon exit/ entry
  • Enhance our Sense of Community by further defining our entrances & neighborhood boundaries
  • Increase Property Values by allowing us to offer a sought-after feature for buyers & to keep in step with other premier neighborhoods in the metro area
Our capital campaign is intended to raise the essential funds over and above what is needed for the Foundation operating costs and annual community improvement commitments.
Donate to the Captal Campaign for Gates here. 


The Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation and the Eastover Security Association exist to support continuing improvements and community events within the Eastover Neighborhood.

We love our neighborhood and we support its continuing beautification and growth.

P.O. Box 12255
Jackson, MS 39236-2255

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